Our high quality productions capture inspiring and compelling stories. 
We are committed to developing accurate, beautiful, empowering and well considered pieces that reflect our clients interests.

Working with people is where we excel. We are inquisitive, friendly and captivated by the stories of inspiring individuals and organisations.


An appreciation of the intricacies in cultures, identities and daily lives of the people we document means we create perceptive yet sensitive work deeply connected to the people we meet in communities across the globe.



Sustainable Development


It's been a privilege to be welcomed into many communities across Eastern Africa. You can find some examples of Beitaks video reports on our projects page.


We visually present and promote the impressive work accomplished by Public Benefit Organisations in agricultural development across Africa.

These life-changing projects involve cutting-edge agricultural training that results in sustainable income, food security, and pride to individual farmers as well as their wider communities thereby transforming the local economy.


Developing agriculture practices for small-holder farmers across Africa is a huge task - but one with the potential to triple the agricultural output of the continent. 

Our most recent production is an exploratory report into the Adult Social Care Services in Barking and Dagenham. You can find it on our Vimeo site.


We enthusiastically support public health innitiatives that enable people to develop healthy lifestyles.

Our portfolio includes grass-roots campaigns, working with teams on the ground to deliver high quality media production, including; interactive social marketing campaigns, video reporting and community arts projects. 

We provided media services for a campaign that contributed to 37.4% drop in the teenage pregnancy rates in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham!


Other projects have focused on sexual health, teenage pregnancy, obesity and smoking 


As part of our CSR strategy we support the community spa and wellbeing centre The Bath House Barking.

We volunteer our consultancy, saunamaster and media services to this absolute gem of a spa (in a library!), that provides affordable holistic therapies to people in this underprivileged part of London. 


Public Health