Jaha Browne

A highly creative, experienced and talented film-maker; Jaha has had films screened at the BFI, European & International film festivals and was recently featured in the programme 'life through my lens' on BBC3.


She has worked with high-end companies such as RAW, Tigerlily Productions and Jack Morton Worldwide, is hard-working, capable and has a real understanding of what it takes to create a great story!


Her personal website is jahabrowne.com

Jaha Brown documentary film-maker
We are craftsmen and women in a digital world. Here are the members of our core team:

Chris Grey

A tireless artisan and head of the editing team 'Jack Robinson' he has been working for 29 years in broadcast media and advertising. He is a graphics designer using Cinema 4D and After Effects.


He has managed post production houses in Hamburg and London and now managed a team of editors, audio mixers and sound designers, running a high spec editing facility which produces broadcast quality and to schedule editing, graphics and finishing.


Katie Bracher

Creative Director and founder of the company (did you notice that Beitak is Katie B backwards?!)

As lead Project Manager and Creative Director she co-ordinates a team of skilled professionals throughout each production. 

Katie's background is in social documentary and arts projects  and has travelled extensively throughout the world.  This experience, combined with a equable personality,  enables her to bring such creative style and compelling narratives to the table.

Craig Owen 

Sound designer and mixer, Craig knows that the most important (yet unseen) element of any professional production is the sound!

He provides professional sound mixing, recording and design through his company Total Audio Productions.


He is an enthusiastic and driven music producer who also enjoys making alternative, electronic music and also runs his own record label,  Jitter Jazz Records.

Katie Arnold

Currently based in Myanmar, Katie is a highly experienced video journalist and self-shooting documentary producer with professional experience in both field and studio news production. During her career, she has produced content for all of the British broadcasters including Channel 4, Sky News, BBC and ITV.


She works internationally to find compelling ways to tell stories on global development and human rights issues.


Her personal website is www.katiearnold.co.uk

Jaha Brown documentary film-maker